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We're redefining yoga culture, one Bad Yogi at a time. It's time to remove the snobbery, pretense, and endless "prerequisites" to fit into this community and that's why we're here. We are yoga's anti-clique. This is a bit about who we are, what we do, and how we got started.

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One Bad Yogi
My name’s Erin and my partner Adrien (aka “The Frenchman”) and I are the founders of Bad Yogi. In my 10-year time as a yoga teacher, I always jokingly called myself a Bad Yogi because I didn’t fit in with the stereotypical yoga drones who all dressed, looked, and acted alike no matter what city I visited. I hated the exclusive, judgmental nature of the yoga community and wanted to impact some kind of change to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way. So, I wrote an article on the Huffington Post that called the yoga world on its bluff and that’s when the Frenchman said he’d join me in my quest to turn this into more than just a little article destined for Internet obscurity. With his 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and my drive to be a better voice for real yogis, we started Bad Yogi together and have been making yoga a little more accepting every day since.

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Our Founders


Erin “Original Bad Yogi” Motz


Co-Founder of Bad Yogi & voice of real yogis everywhere. In my spare time I'm also a wine drinker, cheese eater, and not your average yoga teacher; I've been teaching yoga for over 10 years, but you won't hear much Sanskrit, I totally forgive you if you don't know your asana from your elbow, and I believe that yoga is for everyone, from the kale loving vegan to the prize winning deer hunter.

Adrien “The Frenchman” Edwards


Co-Founder of Bad Yogi & and all around marketing and design guy. I've been doing yoga for over 10 years and have been playing basketball even longer. I'm not your traditional "Yoga Dude." I don't chant, wear leggings, skin tight shorts or malas, but I'll beast a Warrior 2! Erin calls me the Frenchman, I'll let you guess why.

Bad Yogi Team



Managing Editor

I'm a graphic artist living in beautiful Austin, TX, where my dog, Jetsan, and I take advantage of all the pup-friendly activities and adventures!



Managing Editor

Writer and editor, runner, (bad) yogi, and unabashed addict of coffee, lip balm, live music, and adventure.



Community Manager

I live in Oregon with her partner and two silly cats. In addition to working with Bad Yogi, I teach yoga, play music, do volunteer work, and DIY everything!

Bad Yogi Ambassadors




I'm Cheryl, a knitter, yogi and Enjoy Life Motivator. I enjoy laughing, finding off the wall wines and exploring nature.




Born in Poland, live in England, Wife, Mother, Yoga and Fitness Junkie. I love cooking, dancing, listening to music, beauty therapy and make up, walking by the Baltic Sea, and eating Ice Cream. I am a Bad Yogi!




Dreamer with a big heart, living between the mountains and pines in Norway. Always to be found with a camera in her hands and a big smile to share.




I’m a student at Rice University, double majoring in Sports Medicine and Psychology. I’m a future physical therapist + yoga teacher, and love all things yoga, Netflix, and cupcakes.




I am a bad yogi! I'm a nature & animal lover, vegi eater, tea drinker & event creator. I enjoy adventuring with my fiancé, spending time with my family, & letting my hair down with my friends over cocktails and dancing.

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