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Whether you have a question about yoga, products, or just want to share your story and say hello, use the contact form on this page to reach out and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Returns + Exchanges

Q: My bad yogi swag just doesn't fill this inner void of emotion like I thought it would/ my mailman stole it/it doesn’t fit me/it plain isn't ‘bad’ enough. Can I get a exchange it or get a refund? A: Heck yes you can. We want you to be stoked about everything you get from us, and though we might be Bad Yogis, we’re definitely not jerks. We’ll always do everything we can to make it right! Just reach out via the form on this page and we'll reply ASAP with a solution for you.

Digital Product Access

Q: Where the heck is my access to the digital product I bought from you?! A: You should receive a link to access and/or download your purchase within 24 hours of the time you get confirmation. If it doesn't turn up, contact us here and let us get you set up.

International Shipping

Q: I desperately need some Bad Yogi swag, but I live in Kyrgyzstan! HALP ME! A: The good news is that we ship to all international addresses that are "allowed" by USPS. Shipping times vary, of course! Our International shipping cost is just a flat rate of $10 (USD), so shop on, my friend.

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We're always willing to explore different ways to partner with other people, businesses, and brands. For inquiries, email partnership [at]


We’re always happy to provide HD images, videos, interviews, quotes, or any other media for press inquiries, so feel free to reach out via our form on this page and we’ll reply within 24 hours.

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